The design Process

Although each process and timeline is unique for specific projects, here’s a general idea of my design and branding process. I am lucky enough to only work with a handful of new clients at a time to ensure every project receives my full attention.


01. Getting Started

Once you’ve filled out the contact form and we’ve had a chance to discuss the project over email, I’ll send you a Project Proposal which will outline what you can expect from your chosen package. If you’re happy with the proposal, I’ll send you a Client Agreement and you’ll need to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure your space in my schedule.


02. Pre-work Stage

Once you’re added into my systems, but before the project officially starts, I’ll send you a Design Questionnaire to fill out and get you to create a Pinterest board full of inspiration. This will give me a sense of your style and help me to narrow down the best approach to take for your project.


03. Design Process

After we’ve established your design style, I’ll get started working on your project. This will involve me creating and then presenting to you a round of concepts. From there I’ll work on a couple of Revision Rounds until we’ve locked down the final design.


04. Project Finalisation

I’ll send some Final Design Proofs for you to approve, and then finalise your design files. I’ll create any print-ready versions of the files, if necessary. After this, you’ll make the final payment and I’ll deliver all of your design files.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does your payment process work?

After you've decided you'd like to work with me, you'll need to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure your project in my schedule. A further 30% of the total project cost is due by the start project date. I'll send you an invoice for this with easy payment options via either direct deposit or credit card. Once the project is completed I will send you another invoice, you will need to pay this remaining balance before I send you your final files.

Do you offer custom services or packages?

Yes I do, I offer seperate logo design, website design and branding stationery packages if you don't require all the extras included in my branding packages. I also offer custom packages with options that will best suit your business. If you're looking for smaller print or digital design projects, I also have an A La Carte Services Menu. More information about all of my packages and pricing can be found here.


What is the typical timeframe for branding packages?

Each project is completely unique, and can take longer depending on the amount of revisions involved.

  • Usually the Silver Branding Package is completed within 2-3 weeks.

  • The Gold Branding Package takes 4-5 weeks.

  • The Platinum Branding Package takes 6-7 weeks.

What if I'd like extra revisions or concepts?

This can definitely be arranged, however any extra revision rounds or concepts on top of those included in the project will incur an added cost, and may delay project completion date. The price of these will be discussed and based off the amount of work involved. The extra cost will be added to the final invoice and must be paid off before final files are delivered.


Can I hire you at an hourly rate?

Yes you can! Let me know you're interested in an hourly rate alternative when filling out my contact form and we can discuss my rate and availability.



Fill out my contact form to get in touch with me and we'll discuss your project. I'll send a proposal for you to approve which includes any customisations or extras we've discussed. Once this is approved you'll receive a copy of the client agreement to sign and will need to pay your 20% non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in my schedule. I'll then add you to Asana and you can start working on the pre-work stage.

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